Our coffee is organic, fairly traded and just plain delicious.  We use a dark house blend of Brazilian Cerrado Tres Coracoes "Monte Carmello" and Indian Mysore Plantation "AA".  These two are roasted together and then mixed with the fine complexity of Guatemala Huehuetanango "Finca El Rosario" SHB (dark roast) to bring out the smoky undertones.  Together they form a perfect balance of body, acidity and smoky aroma.

We brew the coffee approximately one hour before delivery, and hold them in well-insulated coffee urns that keep the coffee fresh and hot for a total of four hours.  Thus, you will have three hours after we deliver to enjoy the amazing coffee. 

Organic Republic of Tea... teas.  Yes, these are the only teas we use.  If you haven't tried their teas before, you should.  These are some of the best teas on the market. 

  • orange ginger mint
  • the people's green tea
  • blackberry sage
  • british breakfast
  • natural hibiscus
  • ginger peach
  • earl grey
republic of tea