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New Haven Sandwich Catering Menu

The Stack - grilled chicken, tomato, mozzarella, spring mix and pesto-mayo

The Lorelei - mozzarella, fresh tomato & basil drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper

Odd but Good - ripe brie with juicy apple slices drizzled with a flower clover honey

Veggie Ploughman - sharp cheddar cheese, crisp cucumber, savory chutney and seeded pub mustard

Thanksgiving Leftovers - smoked turkey, crispy bacon, fresh tomato, sliced swiss cheese, cranberry jelly and mayo

Tuna Salad - tuna salad, red onion, celery, tomato & lettuce

Roast Beef - aged roast beef, swiss cheese, onion, tomato and lettuce with horseradish mayonnaise.

The Happy Vegan - chopped chickpeas, vegan mayo, zing mustard, celery, carrots , onion & dill on vegan bread

Hippie - hummus, spring mix, tomato, cucumber and pickled onions