Frequently Asked Questions


  • What exactly is ZERO LANDFILL catering??

    • As the name suggests, our Zero Landfill catering does not produce any waste that goes to a landfill. Everything is either composted, recycled or reused. We even bring our own compost bin with a biodegradable liner, then after the job is complete, we take the compost and dispose of it appropriately – no fuss no muss, and most importantly, no extra work for you. Help the earth, and do your part! Zero Landfill.


  • Can I give you my credit card information over the phone or email?

    • There is no need for you to give us your credit card information! We will send you an email with a hyperlink to our website that shows you your invoice, and gives you the option to pay online. You just click the link, enter your credit card information and voila - paid! You can even download the *paid* invoice for your records.


  • Can I pay at the Koffee shop?

    • Unfortunately, this makes things a bit tricky. Ideally we prefer people to pay online for their catering, but if you really need to pay at our shop, we can arrange payment there (check or cash). You see, we have two separate accounting systems for the in-store sales and the catering sales, so we have to be careful not to mix them up. Our accountant gets angry with us.


  • Do I need to pay before the event is catered?

    • No! In fact, we prefer that you pay afterwards. This way if you have some last-minute changes to make, you can make them without creating a payment quagmire.


  • Can I rent space at Koffee?

    • Yep. We do not have a huge space, but we can accommodate up to about 40 people in our back atrium. Call the catering manager to discuss options and prices.


  • Why is there a minimum for the number of people?

    • Every catering job has a certain number of fixed costs that need to be covered. For example, the time it takes one of our employees to deliver, set up and pick up the job is about the same if the job is for five people or fifty. Likewise, vehicle costs, gas, parking etc - are all fixed cost for any job. If labor + other fixed costs comes to $15/delivery, and we agree to do a coffee & cookies for five people (revenue = $19.75), after food costs and other line items, we actually end up losing money on the job. For this reason, if we agree to do a job for below minimum, we ask that you pay the delivery fee so we dont end up losing money on the job.


  • Why is there a delivery fee?

    • All our packages are calculated to include delivery and set up costs. The individual platters or individual items are priced as "add ons" to our normal packages. If you ask for just individual packages, then the delivery fees and set up costs are not baked into those prices, so we have to add that on.


  • Can I order just a couple platters of food?

    • Every catering company uses different sized platters, trays etc (for example, we use three different sizes depending on the needs). So ordering by the platter might considerably undershoot the amount of food you need... or it may way overshoot what you need.

    • At the end of the day, you need sufficient food for a certain number of people, or a certain number of 'servings' of food. We have a pretty good idea of what constitutes a serving or sufficient quantity of food for one person, so if you tell us the number of servings you wish to provide to your group, we can get you the correct quantities. This way you are less likely to under or over order.


  • How close to the date can I place an order?

    • We respectfully ask that you get your final orders in 48 hours in advance of delivery. We need the time to order all the ingredients and organize all the labor & resources to ensure everything is produced and delivered on time. PLEASE NOTE THAT FOR MONDAY ORDERS THE DEADLINE IS 5 PM THURSDAY AS WE ASK FOR 2 BUSINESS DAYS NOTICE FOR PROCESSING.

    • We can accept orders or even changes to orders up to 24 hours in advance of the job, but in such a case, we ask that you pay a $25 late booking fee, as we incur additional expenses for late bookings.


  • Can I make changes to the order or to the headcount?

    • Certainly - up to 48 hours in advance of the delivery, you are welcome to make changes.

    • We can make changes up to 24 hours in advance of the catering job, but we respectfully request that you pay a $15 late booking fee for the late changes, as these usually incur additional expenses.

    • Unfortunately, we cannot make changes to the catering order with less than 24 hours in advance of the job.


  • Do you charge for cancellations?

    • So long as you cancel the job more than 48 hours in advance of delivery, then we can cancel it without charge.

    • If you cancel the job 24-48 hours in advance of delivery, then we only charge 50% of the final price.

    • If you cancel the job less than 24 hours in advance of delivery, then we have to charge you 100%of the cost of the job.


  • How early or late in the day will you deliver?

    • Our normal delivery time is 5am-5pm daily.

    • If you require delivery outside this window of time, we might still be able to deliver, but you will have to arrange that with the catering manager and there is a fee.


  • Do you cater on weekends?

    • yes.


  • Do you have gluten free / vegetarian / vegan options?

    • yes. just let us know your specific food needs, and we will do what we can to accommodate your request.


  • Can I pick up the food myself?

    • Yes, certainly. You can pick up the food at Koffee? (104 Audubon) and return the equipment there the following day.


  • Can I give a tip?

    • Yes. We do not automatically add any tips to the invoice, but if you wish to add a tip, just ask the catering manager to do so.


  • We already compost / recycle

    • fantastic!! Just let us know if you already take care of your own waste, and we'll be sure not to leave a compost bin at the catering site.


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